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proudly family owned for over 5 decades.

Dalton Electrical is Auckland’s leading Industrial electrical contractor, with branches across the greater Auckland area. Combining a commitment to strong family values with an emphasis on innovative solutions, we offer a full complement of award-winning, industrial focussed electrical services. Our team cover turn-key installations, 24/7 technical service, design, engineering, automation, repairs, and planned maintenance all in-house. Dalton Electrical believes in maintaining customers for life and has consistently delivered exceptional results to our loyal customers for over 50 years.

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There is a definite team culture at Dalton’s, and staff help and challenge each other to perform at the highest level. This positive learning environment enables us to train and retain technically superior people, and has helped us become not only the company that people want to use, but the company that people want to work in. 

The team at Dalton Electrical has also been recognised for their technical expertise and innovation, winning multiple awards. The Maintenance Engineering Society of NZ Best Safety Improvement project in 2022; Multiple Master Electricians Excellence Awards for automation projects; and topping it off with the overall industry Excellence award, Master Electrician of the year 2022. Individuals have been recognised by winning the Master Electricians Apprentice of the year numerous times as well as representing NZ at multiple World Skills events.

Dalton Electrical make use of job management software simPRO, as well as cloud based systems for our array of manuals and technical information. This means that we are able to track job progress in real time, and our technicians have all of the information they need available to them right there on the job site.

We are focused on providing excellent service and maintaining customers for life.

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Our Vision

Leading Industrial Service and Solutions for Another 50 Years

Our values were developed with input from the whole team to help us achieve our vision.
Dalton Electrical’s values define our identity, guide the decisions we make, and shape way we do business.

our values



Present a positive company image
Communicate constructively – solutions not problems
Take ownership & finish well



You have to give it to get it
Actively listen to others
Be mindful of differences



Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do
Transparency throughout the company structure
Offer long term solutions



Recognise a job well done
Synergy through collaboration
Share knowledge and support each other



You have to give it to get it
Actively listen to others
Be mindful of differences



Demonstrate a culture of care
Loyal company to a loyal team
Committed to the success of our customers, partners and employees



Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do
Transparency throughout the company structure
Offer long term solutions


“Everyone goes home safe and healthy every day”

This is our overarching Health and Safety objective that is the cornerstone of the safety culture at Daltons. Everybody is encouraged to engage with the health and safety committee and the management team to bring any new ideas, concerns, or issues to light so that they can be openly discussed and addressed. This drives constant review and improvement which is tracked with our software platform Safe365.

Our cloud based job handing system has a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) built into its function, so workers are required to complete a JSA before starting work, or submitting timesheets for every job. We are constantly developing this JSA, along with Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Safe Working Procedures (SWP). Being contractors, Dalton Electrical work on various client sites, with vastly different environments and associated hazards. We take these client needs seriously and as such our systems are measured against recognised third-party criteria and have been accredited with several qualifications.

ISNetworld, Qualify365 Totika, and iPRO are contractor qualification programs that several of our clients use to check that their contractor’s processes and systems meet both regulatory and their individual requirements. Daltons has submitted all relevant information into both of these programs for member clients to view and assess. To maintain our Master Electricians membership, we are regularly audited on our Health and Safety, Electrical testing equipment, and Quality assurance systems. 

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Since starting off in 1966 as a small family owned business, we have now expanded to over 100 staff. We believe success is achieved through giving back and developing our people; our customers, our partners, and our communities. As we are a growing and loyal company, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the care and support which our world needs by giving to charities, looking after our environment, and helping our community.

There's a Better Way

There’s a Better Way is a non-profit organisation which was started in 2011 by Glen Green, who gave up his job in the New Zealand Police to help troubled youth. There’s a Better Way is about working together as “One People” to help everyone challenge the negative and a build positive and safe environment through forgiveness and encouragement. This is achieved by getting youth involved in team sports. There’s a Better Way holds 3X3 basketball tournaments around Auckland that can lead into competing in FIBA endorsed tournaments monthly.

We feel that this group connects with us through similarity in values. Their approach in seeing everyone as who they are individually demonstrates a culture of care, support, and loyalty. Everyone has potential, and that established through sharing knowledge and collaboration in a positive environment.

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Auckland Regional Helicopter Trust

As a company full of adventurers, it’s no doubt that we are thankful for the work that ARHT does. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, Auckland Helicopter Rescue started off with one aircraft used for the purpose of rescuing people from the wild West Coast beaches in Auckland in the 1970s. Since then, it has expanded to becoming an essential air ambulance service with skilled pilots, intensive care paramedics, retrieval medicine doctors and air crew officers around New Zealand.

Environmental Responsibility


Retaining rainwater for later use can be a great help to our country as it prevents a surplus in our stormwater network and means less water is taken from our dams. Being based in Auckland means we get the benefit of collecting plenty of rainwater which we use to keep our Dalton fleet looking clean and spotless.


Contaminated stormwater entering our streams and harbours is another environmental issue in our country, we are on top of this too. We do our bit by draining all site stormwater into soak holes. These soak holes act like a filter to disburse water harmlessly into the environment rather than entering the stormwater system.


The nature of the industry we are in means we use a lot of different materials, and we endeavour to dispose of them safely. We choose to recycle our scrap metal as it can use up to 90% less energy than making the metals traditionally. Fluorescent lights can be highly toxic, and the mercury can have a negative impact our waterways and environment. We choose to have ours recycled so that none of it goes into landfill. As always, we continue to recycle our plastics, paper and cardboard and are regularly persisting to reduce the amount we send to landfill overall. We have recently added recycling capability for wooden pallets and dunnage, soft plastics and polystyrene, as well as PCB’s and other E-Waste.

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