Rail Signalling

Providing cost effective railway signaling resources.

Providing Signal Electricians and Testing Technicians with experience and competence in the critical environment of railway signal engineering.

Ensuring from the outset that the client requirements and base standards are understood.

  • Providing client support for the life of the project.
  • Providing the most cost effective option.
  • Developing local resources
  • Signaling location case and equipment room prefabrication
  • On site (trackside) installation work including:
    • Installation of signaling cables
    • Location wiring to approved design.
    • Installation and cabling of trackside signals, points, train detection and other signaling equipment.
    • Cable running and termination
    • Construction and wiring of Interlocking racks/cabinets and other Electronic Systems cabinets
    • Installation of power supply equipment and standby systems
  • Approved KiwiRail tunnel competencies


Testing & Commissioning:
  • Test Assistants
  • Verification Testing:
    • Location FAT (Inspection & Test)
    • Trackside preparatory testing.
  • Inspection, Testing, & Certification of signaling  power supply equipment and standby systems*

Recent Projects
  • Auckland Metropolitan Area Re-signalling Project – Location build, Installation and T&C support to Invensys Rail.
  • Auckland – support to KiwiRail
  • Testing support – Melbourne (Victoria)
  • Adelaide – Location build, Installation, Testing and Commissioning