Master Electricians Challenge 2016

Master Electricians Challenge 2016 Results – Dalton Apprentices Triumph!

Two Auckland based apprentices have taken out the 2016 Electrical Apprentice of the Year Competition.

logan sanders industrial apprentice of the year 2016
Logan Sanders Industrial Apprentice of the Year 2016

Logan Sanders, 20, from Port Albert, employed and trained by etco and hosted by Dalton Electrical, took out top spot in the Industrial division. Chabb Chia, 21, from Parau, West Auckland, who is also employed and trained by etco and hosted by Team Cabling, won the Domestic/Commerical division.

All finalists had to face a business structure challenge and five workstations to complete a range of tough tasks designed to replicate a ‘real industry’ setting using the latest technology, with the winner of each also awarded a prize.

The pair each won a range of prizes and the prestigious title of Electrical Apprentice of the Year.

Industrial Division Results – Congratulations!

The five Industrial modules were sponsored by NHP – Rockwell Automation, and four of the five modules were won by Logan Sanders, employed and trained by etco, and hosted by Dalton Electrical:

  1. VSD Module – programming to run a conveyor at varying speeds.
  2. Safety Relay Module – an industrial application to ensure operator safety under all conditions.
  3. PLC Module – programming via a laptop to operate a conveyor as per the specifications.
  4. Relay Logic Module – focused on retrofitting a motor into older machinery.

The fifth module, HMI, was to programme the visual display, to show and control the function of a conveyor, and was won by Darko Tomovski of Auckland, employed by Dalton Electrical, with off-job trainer etco.