Good Afternoon

We recently had Christina in to assist us with tidying up wiring in our warehouse.  She was absolutely fantastic to deal with and is an excellent ambassador for your company.  She was efficient, provided sound advice and I felt 100% confident in her work.  She also advised when the work completed was nearing the quoted price, and gave me the option to continue.  I really appreciated the honest and unassuming way that Christina performed the job, and felt she should be recognised for this.

We will certainly be using Dalton Electrical for all our work from now on.

Teresa Monahan
Operations Manager Provet NZ


Just a quick word of thanks for your rapid support in getting our Kuhne Extrusion line repaired and back online so quickly.

This is the start of our peak season and the speed at which you got a technician to us and these repairs were carried out has meant that we can still meet customer deliveries on time.

I was really impressed with your tech’s attitude, knowledge and skills.

He was presented with a dead Siemens PLC and no way of downloading the program and basically had to start again and reprogram the new drive control PLC from scratch.

Sam stuck with the problem worked with our production staff and had us back online by the end of Dayshift. People like Samuel are a real asset to any company and certainly to ours.

Thanks again for your efforts

Ray Nicholson
QSE/Technical Manager Astron Plastics Ltd.


Michael Graves, Manufacturing Manager at Sealed Air began using Dalton Electrical over 30 years ago.

At one point Sealed Air had electricians employed by the company but still suffered from electrical problems requiring late-night call-outs. We replaced them with Dalton Electrical and on the first day on the job there were four major breakdowns for the electrician to deal with.  Despite having no knowledge of our plant he fixed the problems the same day and, with the preventative maintenance regime we now have in place, call-outs hardly occur.

Dalton Electrical has taken care of everything for us from office upgrades through to PLC programming, plant automation, panel construction and full SCADA implementation.

If they do need additional input for a particular specialist requirement such as a hazardous area classification, they take care of it so we don’t have to.  They are immensely professional and are constantly updating their technical knowledge and regulatory compliance.

Bruce Dalton has developed into an astute leader. He recruits well and develops staff well. As a result Dalton Electrical has saved us a lot of money through fewer disruptions, better system design, greater overall equipment efficiency and less waste.

Michael Graves
Manufacturing Manager Sealed Air


Rapid Labels experienced a breakdown to a vital piece of machinery after a software upgrade.  Our outsourced technician was at a loss to solve the problem, so after two days of being down, we called Dalton Electrical on a Saturday morning.  The Dalton electrician isolated the issue to a faulty sensor and managed to locally source a comparable one and had us up and running within a couple of hours.

Having Dalton look after our presses and plant is very reassuring.  They are awesome.  As a team they have a huge depth of knowledge which gives us great confidence in the fact that Dalton can resolve any issue that arises.  Also the entire team at Daltons fit into the Rapid culture, which is hugely important to us.

Deb Hannon
Operations Manager Rapid Labels


Dalton Electrical provided a team for three months when we found we had more work on than our own electricians and technicians could handle.

They showed a higher level of capability than we expected from a contracting company and were able to handle the significant complexity and differences in marine electrical and control systems.

We gave them the drawings and they proved to be very capable, even when they had to deal with the unique demands of hydraulic controls, fire-fighting systems, engines, generators and power management – all well beyond the demands of normal wiring. They were a good bunch of guys and they fitted in very well.

Richard Low
Project Manager McMullen & Wing


Just a quick note to let you know that your team did extremely well over the long weekend.  This job was by no means a “walk in the park”, and in fact produced hurdles along the way that nobody saw coming.  Yet your Team held together and dealt with these as they presented themselves.  We achieved the end result – power back on by 0700 28/10/14…(with 8 minutes to spare), with much thanks to Carl and his team who pushed through with an 18 hour shift last night!

I don’t think there are many people that have the appreciation for just what these guys went through over the weekend, but personally I would like to thank your Team for the effort they all put in, this was certainly “above and beyond”.

I know we have not completed the job yet, and there is still a fair amount of tidy up to do, but the bulk of it is done, and it wasn’t without it’s challenges.

This example just re enforces my justification to the rest of the group that Dalton’s are a professional company that have the capabilities to face challenges and overcome them along the way.

I certainly lost sleep over the weekend praying that the team would accomplish the deadline, but I can only imagine what your team are feeling like now!

Well done!

Darryl Mudgway
Operations Manager VIP Packaging

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We write to endorse Dalton Electrical’s work on our latest project at Yashili.

After working with your company at Nutricia, Mt Wellington and subsequently Synlait, Christchurch we wanted to continue our excellent working relationship.

The Yashili project has been completed on time and on budget and we cannot fault the workmanship by your entire team.

Dalton’s offer a one stop shop for us, which is vital when installing these complex high speed packing lines.

Your personnel all have a “can do” attitude and not once have you not been able to resolve control issues quickly and efficiently.

Thank you very much for your support and partnership, it is very much appreciated.

Richard Atkins
Managing Director RELCO Pacific Ltd

And on behalf of PLF International Ltd, United Kingdom


We are in a very tough and competitive market retreading truck tyres and there is plenty of opportunity to go cheaper than Daltons. But they aren’t the dearest and they do a damn good job. They get in and get it done. What it takes other contractors to do in three hours Daltons can do in one. Dalton Electrical has been with us at Goodyear Dunlop since 1972, working many late nights to keep machines going and has also rebuilt machinery for other branches in New Zealand and Australia.

It is their higher level of skill that really counts.

Paul Hood
General Manager Goodyear Dunlop


When our plant moved to East Tamaki Daltons were called in to design and build the automation for a new sauce line, they had inherited a manual system designed in the 70’s and wanted to improve its performance. Safety was also a problem with nothing built in. Dalton Electrical designed a category 3 solution into the plant and now safety is delivered by PLC control.

Dalton Electrical has a particular way of working that generates a lot of confidence in what they are doing. We told them what we wanted and they came up with options and would explain the advantages and drawbacks of each, there’s nothing hidden.

Bill Fitzgerald
Plant Engineer General Mills


We were put in a position where our asphalt plant needed to be relocated and modified at a time when we could get no assistance from the plant agents who are usually responsible for this type of work. Having already spent several years taking care of the old site, Dalton Electrical was able to make an immediate contribution to redesigning some of the systems. The operating system was quite complex in how it controlled the process, but Daltons took it in their stride. They didn’t just take care of the controls and the wiring around the plant and into the control room, they also helped resolve some of the mechanical issues. They worked with the combustion engineer and were able to improve the burner controls and increase throughput by about 30 to 40 tonnes per hour.

The plant was completed well over a month ahead of schedule and was hugely under budget thanks to a top rate performance by Dalton’s and the engineers.

Peter Metcalfe
Production Manager Downer EDI


When machines are no longer supported by the overseas manufacturer we either have to replace them or keep them going and this is where Daltons have been very good. By sorting out an alternate solution such as a retrofit servo drive we have been able to get a lot more use out of equipment. We used to employ our own electrician but having one of Dalton’s permanently on site means backup is just a phone call away. We’re always shifting machinery around the plant and cannot risk downtime as this can cost thousands of dollars an hour, Daltons make sure this doesn’t happen.

The guys are good at all aspects of their work and there has never been a problem they haven’t been able to solve.

Iain Butler
Engineering Manager Wickliffe Paper