Recent Projects

FMCG Packaging line

Daltons were engaged by a long-standing FMCG customer to assist with the installation and commissioning of a new packaging line.

Consultation and Installation services provided include:

  • Liaise with OEM suppliers during procurement to ensure site automation and installation standards are followed
  • Integrate new production machinery into existing site OT network
  • Develop custom .NET application to enable connection of site ERP system to pallet label printing system for product tracking
  • Aveva System Platform development to provide status overview of new equipment on the existing plant SCADA

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Asphalt Plant Installation

Daltons were engaged to install and commission an OEM supplied asphalt plant for an Auckland greenfield site.

Consultation and Installation services provided include:

  • Specification of site power requirements, Mains cabling to a newly installed 1000kVA transformer
  • Design, fitout and on-site installation of a 20′ container as the main switchboard and MCC room
  • Design and installation of site earthing and lightning protection
  • Wastewater treatment plant electrical installation and process automation (Siemens S7-1200)
  • Main asphalt plant installation, and commissioning with the OEM technicians
  • Site lighting design and install, Installation of site-wide CCTV

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Thermoforming Machine Reautomation

Dalton Electrical had been maintaining and servicing an older thermo-forming machine for many years. Although the machine was still mechanically robust repairing electrical components had become arduous and sourcing replacement components was challenging.

The existing system consisted of an obsolete Siemens TI 505 PLC Rack, and a PC with custom motion control software.

Daltons installed a Siemens Failsafe S7-1200, which took care of the machine function, PID heating control, the motion control and profinet communications to the servo drive. This was coupled with an Ignition Edge project for operator interface and logging, giving the machine a new lease on life.

This project was featured in the August 2020 Get Current publication by Cuthbert Stewart.

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Dairy Plant Utilities MCC

MCC room cable tray, Switchboard supply, installation and fit off at a Green-field Dairy plant in the south of Auckland.

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Blow Molding Re-Automation

Recently a customer contacted us to see if we would be able to Re-Automate one of their blow molding machines, it was built in the early 90s and the eurorack control cards and power supply would fail too frequently, they supplied the PLC hardware and HMI, we had to “simply re-automate” the machine process. Installing an Omron NX1P2 with Sysmac studio, this project delivered a robust and customisable solution to the customer, greatly increasing their product throughput and the machines reliability.

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LED Retrofit

Recently Dalton Electrical carried out a site wide LED Lighting retrofit at Auckland’s City Fitness Rothwell Ave Branch in Albany. The existing lighting had reached the end of life and was not delivering the required light levels to match the professional image of the CityFitness gyms.

New LED lighting not only offers higher lumen output per watt, meaning more usable light for less energy, but the cost to buy LED luminaires has recently reduced significantly which in turn meant shorter payback on investment for this customer.

The install was carried out after hours to minimise disruption to their 24/7 operation and the facilities managers and gym manager were very happy with the delivered outcome.

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Wonderware inTouch software installed to monitor and historically log machine production parameters.

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Rapid Labels Machinery Installation

Rapid labels engaged Dalton Electrical to assist with the successful relocation and re-commissioning of printing equipment from a recent business acquisition to enable them to increase their production capability from their site in Armstrong Rd, Rosedale, Auckland. Reconfiguration of existing, and installation of new submain cabling was undertaken in a way to ensure the existing mains infrastructure could be effectively utilized and still offer safe loading for their building electrical distribution. New LED pan and strip lighting has been installed to ensure high levels of light are achieved for assisting production staff with QA and to provide a safe and energetic workplace.

Other work included installation of new air compressor, significant overhead cable tray for the finishing area which has no suspended ceiling, machine communications, general data and power to all areas.

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Machine Panel Building

Daltons took care of a large panel building project for an OEM client. Constructing and wiring the geartrays for the MCC’s, fitting panel Aircon, and putting together the Operator interface stations. Assembly and wiring of more than 20 2mx1.5m cabinets, as well as 10 HMI stations took place simultaneously in our new Prescott Street workshop. An excellent showcase of our capacity and capability.

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Folder Safety Upgrade

A serious incident on a sheet folding machine required Worksafe to investigate. They issued a prohibition notice until the machine safety was upgraded and functionally proven to comply against AS/NZS4024.1 and associated standards. Dalton Electrical was commissioned to complete this task because of their extensive experience in current safety standards and machine automation. The job was to design, build, implement, and verify a system that would allow the machine to function effectively while keeping up with production demands and also meet the requirements for the appropriate safety standards to ensure safe operation. This included designing and commissioning a category 3 safety concept that complied with the Risk Assessment which had been verified by Worksafe.

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Pizza Base Dough Press Line

Automated machine to deposit dough onto an oiled tray, and press it into a flat pizza base. SEW servo motors controlled via fieldbus from a Rockwell Compactlogix for tray indexing conveyor, and for dough press. PID control for press heating elements, and machine control and status overview from a 4″ HMI.

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France – Packaging Line

When a long-term customer needed last minute Automation support for a project in France, they didn’t hesitate to fly one of Dalton’s Automation Engineers across the globe, trusting our experience and intimate knowledge of their process well outweighed the extra cost of travel over using somebody locally.
Dalton Electrical’s flexibility meant that even at short notice, we ended up staying and working on the site in Brittany for over 2 months, helping the client get the project across the finish line.

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Powder Blending & Transport Line

Dalton Electrical was approached by Dinnissen Process Technology of The Netherlands to undertake the onsite Installation of an Auckland Blending line. Dalton’s not only completed the installation wiring and Hazardous area requirements, but offered significant assistance for the plant Automation control and commissioning process, following up with local support for the site after Dinnissen left.

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Powder Packaging Line

Complete Installation, and Automation support of infant formula packaging line.
This project won the Master Electricians Schneider Electric Industrial Automation Excellence Award for 2015.

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Injection Moulder Install

Installation of 5500 tonne Injection Moulding machine. – The largest Injection Moulder in Australasia.
Removal of existing Main switchboard, and replacing with a new 6000A board to allow for the new load.

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LED Lighting Upgrades

Kia Motors head office lighting upgrade – LED retrofit of existing fluorescent lighting.
LED Retrofit lighting into warehouse at Scholastic in Auckland.

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Backup Generator

Installation of 100kVA Automatic Changeover Backup Generator

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Auckland, Wellington and Adelaide Rail Signalling

Construction and installation of the new signalling location panels for the Siemens Westrace Mk2 signalling upgrade projects under contract to Invensys Rail Ltd.

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Glucose Automation

Remove 40 year old panel with pneumatic instrumentation and relay logic. Design and install complete new control system with dual screen SCADA and PLC control with remote IO.

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Soak tester

Construction of an appliance tester to test 80 appliances simultaneously over a range of voltages and monitor the results. Making use of Fieldbus IO modules linked into a Unitronics Processor, this project was the largest IO count in Australasia to use a Unitronics Vision PLC.

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Plastic Extrusion Line

Installation of 800 amp plastic blown film extrusion machine including new switchboards and chiller panels. Assisting the Machine supplier with all interconnections. Support through the commissioning and startup process, as well as ongoing maintenance and breakdown backup.

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Blending & Packaging Line

Design and installation of a new automation system to improve both reliability and line speed in a critical hygiene powder blending and filling plant. Replacing a PLC5 and custom dos based SCADA software with a Rockwell Guardlogix processor and Factorytalk View SE network package with redundant servers and historian software. Ethernet/IP network design and configuration with Stratix switches, Powerflex VSDs, Kinetix Servos, 1734-Pont IO, and 1794-Flex IO.

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Relocation of Asphalt Plant

Design and installation of a 2000 amp asphalt plant to a greenfield site. This project included modifications to the controls to improve plant performance, new dual 1MVA transformers, main switchboards and all plant controls.

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Printing Machinery Installation

Installation of 2 new 800 amp Fuji digital printers, New sub-board installation, cable support systems and cabling to new machinery.

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