Electronic Repairs


Dalton Electrical can support your industrial electronic equipment in multiple ways, be it sourcing redundant parts, or completing component-level electronic repairs.
We can provide support and establish online access for Foreign machine suppliers, then be the eyes on the ground to follow through, diagnose faults, and effect repairs.
Re-automating end of life machinery with modern serviceable components to give years of reliable service to come, or diagnosing proprietary industrial PCB’s that are no longer supported by manufacturers or are uneconomic to replace.
Our skilled electronics department can also design and build equipment to your requirements.

types of equipment that we have successfully repaired:

  • Commercial cooking controllers

  • Temperature & PID controllers

  • DC Drives

  • Variable speed & Stepper drives

  • Servo Drives & motors

  • Power supplies

  • Process controllers

  • CNC Machine positioning systems

  • Welding control cards and welders

  • Battery charging equipment

  • Inverters

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

  • Anodizing and plating Rectifiers

  • Solar system controllers

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Automatic Door Controllers

  • Industrial Touch Screens, HMI’s and PC’s

  • PLC’s & I/O Interface cards

a daltons electrical engineer conducting industrial electronic repair an his desk in auckland

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