Instrument commissioning

We are well equipped to perform commissioning and parameterization of onsite instruments.

Whether your instruments require manual adjustment or whether they can be configured via HART/IO-Link etc, we can commission and optimize them for your process.

Process optimisation and tuning

We help you gain control of your process by optimising the setup of existing control arrangement, identifying issues which contribute to process instability and proposing solutions.


Instrument Calibrations

We improve reliability and transparency of your processes by offering a calibration service either onsite or offsite.

In performing this, we work to the requirements of NZS ISO/IEC 17025 and use references and standards which are calibrated and traceable to international standards.

Some of what we work with is temperature, pressure, level/volume, pH, conductivity, air quality measurements etc.

Whatever your requirements are, get in touch with us and we will support you to ensure your calibration needs are met.




Process Control Solutions

As a comprehensive system house, we offer process control solutions from simple stand-alone controls through to bespoke PLC based control platforms with fully realised HMI, historic trending, alarm control, and cloud accessibility.

Please see our Automation page for further information.

Data Acquisition

We provide a range of data acquisition solutions:

  • Once-off investigation services
    • spacial mapping
    • process investigations
    • Data acquisition for audit
  • Design and build of portable data acquisition systems
  • Custom site SCADA designed, installed, and implemented by us to meet your requirements.

Specification and Supply

We build on years of experience specifying appropriate instrumentation for a broad range of processes to offer you an instrument specification service and enable you get meaningful measurements out of your process.


Any questions please feel free to contact:

Tony Fletcher

General Manager Engineering

[email protected]