Peter Metcalfe

We were put in a position where our asphalt plant needed to be relocated and modified at a time when we could get no assistance from the plant agents who are usually responsible for this type of work. Having already spent several years taking care of the old site, Dalton Electrical was able to make an immediate contribution to redesigning some of the systems. The operating system was quite complex in how it controlled the process, but Daltons took it in their stride. They didn’t just take care of the controls and the wiring around the plant and into the control room, they also helped resolve some of the mechanical issues. They worked with the combustion engineer and were able to improve the burner controls and increase throughput by about 30 to 40 tonnes per hour.

The plant was completed well over a month ahead of schedule and was hugely under budget thanks to a top rate performance by Dalton’s and the engineers.