2015 Excellence Award for Dalton

Master Electricians Excellence Awards 2015

The winners of the Master Electricians Excellence awards were revealed at a black-tie gala dinner at the Langham, Auckland on Friday 28 August. Dalton Electrical won in the category for new or upgrade automation projects from the industrial sector, demonstrating excellence.

PROJECT: Yashili/PLF Powder Line

Working in a factory canning milk powder offers all kinds of challenges – and when the window of installation is reduced from 9 weeks to 6 it tests even the most experienced sparky.

Dalton Electrical was required to use existing materials and products for the electrical installation on the canning line. We had to join it all up and design the software to make it work.

daniel berry at yashili dalton electrical 0
Daniel Berry at Yashili
rowan cann at yashilli dalton electrical 0
Rowan Cann at Yashili

In consideration of the strict hygiene environment Dalton Electrical also came up with an ingenious solution, tailor-making the stainless steel droppers for the cable ways, ensuring no collection of dust as a normal cable tray would get.This factory has been designed for deliberate viewing by the public with a glassed corridor through the whole plant – so aside from hygiene, tidy work was essential. Though even in the non-hygiene, non-public areas the installation technique was judged as immaculate.

When commissioning the plant, the metal detectors, x-rays, and the canning plant all worked first time – resulting in an automated process that cans 140 tins of powder per minute – a resounding success!

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