Michael Graves

Michael Graves, Manufacturing Manager at Sealed Air began using Dalton Electrical over 30 years ago.

At one point Sealed Air had electricians employed by the company but still suffered from electrical problems requiring late-night call-outs. We replaced them with Dalton Electrical and on the first day on the job there were four major breakdowns for the electrician to deal with.  Despite having no knowledge of our plant he fixed the problems the same day and, with the preventative maintenance regime we now have in place, call-outs hardly occur.

Dalton Electrical has taken care of everything for us from office upgrades through to PLC programming, plant automation, panel construction and full SCADA implementation.

If they do need additional input for a particular specialist requirement such as a hazardous area classification, they take care of it so we don’t have to.  They are immensely professional and are constantly updating their technical knowledge and regulatory compliance.

Bruce Dalton has developed into an astute leader. He recruits well and develops staff well. As a result Dalton Electrical has saved us a lot of money through fewer disruptions, better system design, greater overall equipment efficiency and less waste.